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If an adult student comes to me from another teacher.

 There are usually four reasons I’ll get an adult student from another teacher; 1) if you move from a different area and cannot go to your old teacher anymore, 2) if you’re dissatisfied with a previous teacher, 3) if you’ve lost interest or stopped taking lessons for more than 6 months and decide to get back into playing again, or 4) if you play on your own continuously but find yourself in a rut and not getting any better.

 If you haven’t taken lessons for a prolonged period of time I’ll give several review lessons, assess where you’re at and start the new lessons from that point. We’ll be working on finger exercises, simple chords and easy songs to start off with.

 If you’re dissatisfied with another teacher I’ll look at the previous teacher’s instruction books or curriculum and listen to you play to see exactly what you were taught. We’ll discuss what the problem was with the previous teacher and I’ll pick up the lessons from there helping you to improve your overall technique.

 If you’ve moved from another area you may have been very attached to your old teacher. I’ll look at your previous teacher’s instruction books or curriculum and listen to you play to see exactly what level you are at. Then I’ll try to carry on from where that teacher left off.

 If you’re in a rut my personalized lessons will offer usable theory, advanced playing techniques and many challenging songs to bust you out of that rut.

How I teach guitar.

 I tailor my lessons to the desires and goals of each student. We’ll talk about the direction you want to take with lessons and I’ll listen to play. I’m usually able to pick up right from where your previous teacher left off. If you haven’t taken lessons for a while we’ll do some pertinent review of the fundamentals and quickly get you back on track. Usually I’ll suggest starting off with a combination of basic note reading and recognizable popular songs with an emphasis on making playing fun. As your mind and fingers get to the point where you can play songs quickly enough we can proceed to more difficult material.

 The instruction books I use reflect the level I believe you can handle. I try to make lessons as enjoyable as possible and some adults have no desire to read music at all. In this case we won’t work out an instruction book and I’ll attempt to lead you and your guitar to whatever goal you have. Whether it’s learning songs, solos, working on timing or improvisation – the things most adults students that come to me need help with. As your technical ability increases I’ll encourage you to pick some of your own popular Rock’n’Roll songs to learn. Each student learns at a different level. In over forty years of experience, I’ve developed a very patient teaching style and I never belittle or discourage a slower student. Neither fast nor slower learning speeds pose any problem to me. If you really enjoy playing and your present guitar may be holding you back. I’ll suggest getting a nicer acoustic or maybe even an electric guitar and amp.

Here’s a partial list of the Classic Rock standards I’ve written out and currently teach my students. You can also pick other songs to learn if you like;

What are the qualities of a successful adult student.

 As an adult the one thing you must have to play guitar well is time. All students must spend time playing their instrument. I always suggest half an hour, at least four times a week. This will give you around two hours a week added to your regular half hour lesson. If you practice more than this you’ll progress faster.

What can you expect from lessons.

 It’s impossible to predict how successful a student you’ll be. I try my best to keep each student interested and moving forward, but some people don’t like to practice or simply don’t have the time. If this is the problem you had with your previous teacher it may be the same with me. You will get out of guitar lessons what you put in. Any amount of time spent playing is directly proportional to to an increase in your ability level. Even 5 minutes a day is better than nothing. But you must practice what I give you.

Where are the lessons given.

 I give lessons in your own home as this is not only convenient but helps you to feel comfortable during the lesson. Many adult students want lessons in my studio and if you prefer this I’ll find a time that’s good for you.

How are payments arranged.

 Each lesson is one half hour long and you pay me at the end of each lesson. You’ll not be charged if a lesson is missed, but I do ask that cancellations be made up. I have convenient openings. Please call me at  (914) 741-6321 and we’ll set up a time to meet. I look forward to hearing from you… Thanks

Call 914-741-6321 and please leave your;

1. Name of student

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3. Town where you reside

Very Important: If sending an e-mail please put “Guitar lessons – Adult Advanced” in the subject line.


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